GALORE PRO Ripple Broker Review

As we saw an amazing increase in activity and popularity of trading cryptocurrencies , Galore Pro Ripple and Forex Broker offers this cryptocurrency among others to their traders .

With Fair trading conditions and 2 of the best trading platforms in the market they made trading cryptocurrencies accessible to anyone

Why Trade Ripple

Ripple is one of the top four coins as per market capitalization. Even with the current dip in price, Ripple is still striving in some areas.

Many companies and especially banks are ready to go into partnership with Ripple and some are already sealing exciting deals. This has slowly made Ripple one of the top blockchains to be adopted massively. Ripple’s xCurrent technology has been adopted by numerous financial institutions around the world. and this trend will only continue.

Why Trade Ripple with Galore Pro

This makes trading Ripple more exciting and a better options then some of the other cryptocurrencies. Galore Pro  is embracing this direction with offering trading in Ripple in the following way:

Like the way you trade Forex,  cryptocurrencies trade against other currencies in a pair, such as Ripple against USD, or against EUR. you don’t actual buy crypto coins, CFDs are an option.

You do not buy the asset but trade on the movement of the cryptocurrency as it rises and falls on the volatile market. With the Galore Pro  crypto, traders can go both long and short without actually holding the asset itself.


generic cryptocurrency  Trading conditions

  • swap free trading
  • low leverage
  • clear margin call % requirement
  • Fixed or variable Spread
  • able to go short or long

Account Types Galore Pro

Galore Pro demo account offers a full functioning demo account that has $10,000 usd in there. It will give you the chance to get used to their platform and play around.

Of course, Galore Pro   offers an Islamic account as well  and this is available for all accounts

If you decided to take your trading to the next step, the opening of a standard account would be the next logical step. The minimum investment required in this case is $250.

Galore Pro Trading Accounts
Galore Pro Trading Accounts

Of course, you can expect Prodit Trade to offer you a bonus on your first deposit and additionally, once trading, there are all kinds of promotions (mostly seasonal or event based) of which you will be informed of by email/phone.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Galore Pro

Depositing at Galore Pro  can be done in a variety of ways.

Of course there are credit card processors in place which accept both visa mastercard .Additionally, there are Alternative Payments options.

Lastly, you can also send wire transfers from your bank account to theirs. Please keep in mind (its normal although) that there might be some wire fees from Galore Pro its side once you are receiving a withdrawal.

Both the depositing and withdrawal procedures can be done with ease. asking a withdrawal here is rather easy.


A solid and enjoyable Broker to trade cryptocurrencies!

In our opinion, the combination of  the trading platforms they offers and cryptotrading goes together in an perfect way.  The suitable cryptocurrencies are available and Ripple can be traded in 2 different currency pairs ( in 2 different formats) .Their service is up to par and the trading conditions are fair an transparent.

they also offer trading signals but i did as yet not receive any signals for the cryptocurrency Ripple.

Verdict: a good choice to trade Ripple ( XRP)

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Trading Forex, Stocks and CFDs carries risk and could result in the loss of your deposit, please trade wisely.